unityalbum“For me, this album is as important as Krishna Das’s Pilgrim Heart or Jai Uttal’s Shiva Station, expanding and deepening the vision of modern kirtan music.” – Daniel Tucker, Kirtan Central (full full review here)

“This is a Sunday-morning gospel-tinged soundtrack for the revival of this century. Merging mantra, frame drum, and world music melodies and rhythms, this is a must-have for your kirtan library.” – Felicia Tomasko, LA Yoga Magazine (read full review here)

“It wouldn’t be over the top to dub Unity as a soul-cleansing listen, a beautiful sonic collage to get lost in.” (read full review here) – Offbeat Magazine

“An energetic mix of global treasures with lively kirtan, yoga, Sanskrit-inspired, and new age mantras with beautiful vocals and melodies.” – Inside World Music (read full review here)

“Unity walks a tough line between the pristine airiness of new age music and the (gently) gritty textures of blues-based rock ’n’ roll, and it does so boldly. The album has moments that bring to mind the earnest utopian vibe of much early ’70s rock without losing its core purpose and audience in pursuit of it.” – My Spilt Milk: The Cream Of New Orleans Music (read full review here)

Unity debuted at #1 on the iTunes World Music Chart and debuted at #3 in the Top Selling New Age Albums on the Billboard’s Charts. This dynamic soundtrack for modern yogis and music lovers inspires and celebrates the union of diverse spiritual traditions cultures, and musical genres. Ancient mantras are given new voice through soul-drenched songs that merge Rumi poetry with New Orleans-roots, rock, gospel, and world grooves. Some songs are perfect for a Yoga Flow playlist- and others for simply savoring life, at full blast.

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