Sean Johnson

sean-bioNew Orleans native Seán Johnson is the founder of the band. He is a singer, songwriter, and storyteller, who has been teaching yoga for the last 24 years. He is the founder of Wild Lotus Yoga in his native New Orleans, and Soul School, an online interdisciplinary spiritual immersion and yoga teacher training program that focuses on teaching yoga with skill and imagination. In all these roles, he relishes creating a playful, tender, brave space for people to open their voices and hearts, sing, and embrace their innate creativity.

Seán has a master’s degree in Creation Spirituality from The Naropa Institute-Oakland (1999) with focus on teaching chant as spiritual practice, apprenticing there with south Indian musician and teacher Russill Paul, author of The Yoga Of Sound. Chanting mantras has been a deep and integral part of his personal spiritual practice, music, and teaching for the last 25 years.

In 2002 he founded Wild Lotus Yoga in his beloved hometown and dubbed it “New Orleans’ Home for Heart-Centered Yoga and Down-To-Earth Spirituality.”

Seán is also the co-curator and coordinator of Putumayo World Music’s  ‘Music For Yoga’ series (Yoga, World Yoga, Yoga LoungeAcoustic Yoga, Yoga Dreamland) featuring artists from around the globe.

Seán’s first significant initiations into a more conscious spirituality came through the exuberance of falling in love for the first time and then through the pain and grief of heartbreak. A journey to heal his heart led him to the path of Bhakti Yoga which deeply honors vulnerability, creative expression, and art as forms of prayer and spiritual practice. The theme of searching for grace and inspiration amidst challenge, destruction, and grief permeates his music and teaching.

Seán is passionate about his Irish roots and ancestry, and singing Irish songs, a pillar of his spirituality. He co-leads year-round online Celtic Spirituality gatherings and two retreats each year in Ireland with his friend, Ireland native Mary Meighan, founder of Celtic Journeys.

Seán lives in New Orleans with his wife Farah and son Finn.