Today we released the official music video for “Dark Night (New Dawn Remix) Starita’s cathartic re-imagining of the song “Dark Night” that I wrote about the journey of grief after my brother Jeremy passed away in a tragic drowning accident. The original song was released on our album Mystery. 

When I started talking to Starita loosely about a potential remix project— he immediately said that he’d love to remix “Dark Night.” I was really touched that he felt inspired to re-imagine this song — especially because he knew how personal it was to me and my family. In a sense, it felt like a brave and serious commitment to take on. On a personal level, I trusted him to really take it to heart,, and on a music/production level, I was excited to see how he would give the song another life through the soundscapes he’s so skilled at creating.   

Starita’s “New Dawn Remix” version of Dark Night is an incredibly powerful new rendition of the song. When I first listened to it, I got goosebumps all over. I wept and I danced. I love the way that Starita took the momentum and feeling of my vocal track and built a new electronic music arrangement around it to help propel the emotion of the song. I feel in a sense— that through the new arrangement— he answered the prayer that is being called out in the song by bringing in more light, radiance, and life. To transform a lament into a dance tune is incredibly cathartic.

Watch and share the video here.