Today, we’re excited to celebrate the release of our new EP “Blue Easy Remixes” a collaboration with the marvelous DJ Drez who hand-picked and re-imagined several of our songs — weaving together 6 distinctive vocal and instrumental versions. Working with Drez has been a dream come true. You can now listen to “Blue Easy Remixes” on all streaming platforms.

Folks often ask, in this digital age of music, how can they best support musicians you care about?

Here are 3 things you can do that can make a big difference:  

Follow the artists on your favorite streaming and social media platforms. Follower numbers are also often looked at by festivals in determining whether to book artists or not.

‘Like’ their albums and songs on your favorite streaming platforms

Listen, share, and put it on playlists with as many followers as possible.

All of these actions help to directly influence the digital algorithms that drive music to more listeners, and generate income for musicians.

We’re excited for you to listen to “Blue Easy Remixes!” Let us know what you think! Thanks for your support in sharing this new collaboration with one of our favorite artists.

Listen to the EP here.