For the last few days, I wake up with music in my head. The melody is carried by a soothing male voice. It’s followed by a powerful feminine wave of harmony. Each morning it’s a hypnotic chant. Day after day. Different words, in English and Sanskrit. Different tunes. Different vibrations. But the same end result that epitomizes what I try to balance in my life: clean, tranquil harmony, with full-throttled energy.
The kirtan music on instant replay in my dreamland is by Sean Johnson and The Wild Lotus Band.  Sean owns a yoga studio in New Orleans but he and Gwendolyn with Alvin on bass and guitar, tour the U.S. to share their , spirit and love. Basically, all thingsbhakti (devotion) which is one of the main reasons why I head to Bhakti Fest today. Sean usually gets a packed house there, and tomorrow, I’m attending a full day/night workshop with Sean, that I expect will keep my vata ADHD-brain focused. (Click here to read the rest of the article)