The Namaste Counsel interviewed Sean Johnson who will be leading a Bhakti immersion at Bhakti Fest Midwest June 25-28, Madison, Wis. Johnson has a masters in Chanting and Spirituality, owns Wild Lotus Yoga in New Orleans, and tours the country with his Wild Lotus Band.

Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus BandQ. For those that have never attended one of your workshops, what can they expect?

  • We will guide you into the possibility that you can be playful and deep at the same time through a variety of creative yoga practices.
  • We will share the power of ritual by introducing imaginative ways to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary.
  • In a loving, supportive environment, we’ll invite you to slay your fears and awaken the creative power of your singing voice.
  • We’ll share practices you can integrate to bring more meaning and richness to your day-to-day life.

People have left our longer trainings and BHAKTImmersions and simply felt more gratitude and vividness in their chosen lives. Some have also felt the courage and inspiration to make bold changes. One of our students shared with us that after doing several of our trainings, the practices gave him the courage to face his fears of coming out of the closet to his family. He shared his truth with them, and was met with a love he had never could have imagined years before. Other students have quit jobs, or ended relationships that didn’t feed their heart, and followed their heart to more fulfilling ways of devoting their time and energy.  (Click here to read the rest of the article)