One of the things I am most grateful for is when music comes through mysteriously, like a great gift from the Universe, and we get to have the blessing of being the vessel for this music. Several years ago I was cooking a meal with my love Farah in our kitchen here in New Orleans and, as I often do, I was singing to myself spontaneously. I began singing “Om Hari Om” in a spontaneous melody. Farah stopped me and said “Sean, go get your recorder right now. That’s really sweet.” So I got the recorder and we sang it together with the sound of veggies and olive oil simmering in the background. The next day I sat at my altar at home and started developing the chant more. Alvin and Gwendolyn and I got together shortly after and they added their unique flavors to it with guitar and percussion and the song was born. Read the full interview here.