New Year’s Bhakti Bliss Retreat with David Newman

New Year's Bhakti Bliss Retreat with David Newman

Date / Time

Fri, Dec, 27th -
Wed, Jan, 1st

Kripalu Center for Yoga
57 Interlaken
Stockbridge, MA 01263
United States

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Join us for our annual bhakti retreat at one of the country’s premier yoga retreat centers in the beautiful Berkshires of Massachusetts with our dear friend David Newman.

Expand your heart, nourish your soul, and deepen your devotion to love as you prepare for 2020. Leading chant artists and bhakti yoga educators David Newman (Durga Das) and Sean Johnson and the Wild Lotus Band offer guidance and support for embracing the path of love and giving kirtan (call-and-response chanting) and bhakti practice a more prominent place in your life.

Explore the healing power and therapeutic applications of mantra chanting as you

  • Express your voice to connect with Spirit
  • Delve into the stories, poetry, and myths of the Divine
  • Experience bhakti-centered asana practice
  • Learn to access the wisdom of your heart.

Nurture yourself through chanting, meditation, satsang, prayer, and the intention to ground yourself in your heart for the year to come.

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