Mantra Music Concerts

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Open your heart to the power of kirtan – mantras charged with dynamic rock, funk, gospel, and world grooves.

From Bhakti Fest to The New Orleans Jazz Festival. Sean Johnson And The Wild Lotus Band strike peoples’ hearts with their soulful, imaginative, and dynamic music that bridges the east and the west. They are a favorite headliner at music and yoga festivals nationwide. Sing, dance and travel on a revelatory journey through myriad sounds, flavors, and languages including belly dance rhythms, Motown-inspired grooves, back porch guitar stomp, gospel chorus, and passionately sung verses from Rumi, The Radiance Sutras, and mantric chants from yoga and other spiritual traditions.  A concert also often features an entertaining story told by Sean accompanied by Alvin and Gwendolyn’s enchanting music.  Click here for bookings.

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