After a 3 year hiatus, we’re excited to be kicking off our 8 Day BHAKTImmersion in New Orleans again! The 2023 BHAKTImmersion will be March 18th-25th!

BHAKTImmersion attracts seekers locally from New Orleans, around the country, and abroad who wish to experience the inspiration of bhakti yoga in a deep, fun, integrated way. The sessions are educational, experiential, and help participants to empower their creativity through the arts of bhakti yoga: singing, dance, storytelling, poetry, and more. Sing your heart out, rekindle your soul, awaken the gods and goddesses within you, tap into your inner poet, dance like a child, feel your fingers tickle the harmonium, get your hands on a drum and find your rhythm, explore the beauty, romance, and celebration of New Orleans, rejoice in the awakening of your unique voice and creativity. Enhance your connection to Life through Bhakti yoga and kirtan.

Group discounts and some partial work trade opportunities available. Details and registration here.