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This private webpage is designed for venues that are hosting a Bhakti On The Mat experience with Sean and the band. You are welcome to cut and paste from this site to include the materials in your promotion. Please don’t link the public to this page- but please include regular link to website

Bhakti On The Mat with Sean Johnson & The Wild Lotus Band Bhakti Yoga can be a wonderful vehicle for infusing asana practice with more meaning, feeling, and inspiration- especially when we’re feeling burnt out, dried up, or a lack of motivation. Deepen your connection to the spirit of life by merging the heart-opening qualities of bhakti yoga with the sensuality and vitality of asana. This playful practice will include storytelling from the mythical world of yoga, love poetry from the Bhakti tradition to ignite your heart, kirtan chanting, graceful vinyasa sequences, and evocative live music. Some experience with vinyasa yoga is recommended. Accompanied by the live grooves of Alvin Young and Gwendolyn Colman- The Wild Lotus Band. Sean has taught this workshop with the band at festivals and conferences across the country including sold-out attendance at The Yoga Journal Conference, Bhakti Fest, and more. For more info visit Get a preview of the Bhakti On The Mat experience in this 90 second video. BHAKTI ON THE MAT WORKSHOP BIO Sean is a well-loved yoga teacher who savors bringing together the creative, heart-opening qualities of bhakti yoga with the sensuality and vitality of asana. He teaches at conferences and retreat centers internationally including Yoga Journal, Kripalu, Bhakti Fest, The German Yoga Conference, and others. Sean is also the founder of Wild Lotus Yoga studios in New Orleans, and Soul School, an interdisciplinary yoga teacher training program that focuses on teaching yoga with imagination and skill. He has a master’s degree from The Naropa Institute with focus on teaching chant as spiritual practice, writes articles on Bhakti Yoga for Yoga Journal, and is the co-curator of Putumayo World Music’s yoga music series. His signature “Bhakti On The Mat” workshop accompanied by the band, playfully weaves yoga, live music, chanting, storytelling, poetry, and ritual. Sean and the Wild Lotus Band are known for their dynamic sound that merges mantras, rock, funk, gospel, and world grooves. The band is a favorite headliner at festivals nationwide and they are the first kirtan band to ever play The New Orleans Jazz Festival. Their music has appeared on Putumayo World Music, Nettwerk/Nutone Records, White Swan Records, and Sounds True. Experience a sample of Sean’s teaching at Yoga in this 20 Minute Relaxing Yoga Practice accompanied with original music on guitar by Alvin Young:   • For more info and to listen to their music, visit • Friend The Band on Facebook The Band on Twitter: • Additional Web and Social Media Promotional Materials: • Videos: Ganesha’s Belly Dance: Live Version Of Song “Unity”:

 • Article By Sean Published In Yoga Journal: “Sing Out Strong: Finding an authentic voice requires respect for tradition and a spirit of innovation.”